Delaware Subscribers

*Delaware Subscribers Only*

While It’s 911 Breaking News’s intent to send out EVERY newsworthy incident to its subscribers, at times that isn’t possible. Sometimes due to factors beyond our control, incidents are missed.

One of our normal courses of business is to notify our subscribers of incidents that may affect them in one way or another. A few of our incident categories include: CRASHES & TRAFFIC ALERTS. Notification of these incident types can assist a subscriber with making alternate travel plans in the event of a major traffic backup.

On average, there are approximately 50 of these incident types daily in the State of Delaware. Most of which cause a delay in travel.

While it’s not in 911 Breaking New’s business model to dispatch EVERY traffic collision and traffic backup, we realize that some of our subscribers might like being alerted to them.

Here at 911 Breaking News, we have  a system that is capable of alerting our *Delaware Subscribers* to EVERY motor vehicle crash and fire department incident dispatch, throughout the State of Delaware, LIVE!. These are “automated alerts.”  A subscriber has the option of choosing of receiving automated alerts by County or Statewide.

If a 911 Breaking News dispatcher receives information that an incident which was sent as an automated alert requires further updates, they will reclassify the incident, update it with any pertinent information and it will be sent our via the CAD system to our subscribers.

This service is FREE with your subscription. It can be added / deleted at any time. If you are interested in this added feature, please advise us when you fill out your subscription form.